3 Ways Gamification can Enhance Your Service Department
Tim Lage
Jul 27, 2020
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Dealership service departments bring in almost half of dealership profit, according to CBT News, but they’re almost always overlooked for engagement strategies like gamification. While the sales department may
easier to gamify, that’s no longer the case thanks to modern tech. Now it’s a snap to gamify your entire service department, too, and the benefits are huge. Here are just three of the many ways gamification can enhance your service department.
Service Team Department
If there are unsung heroes at your dealership, they work in the service department. Salespeople get all the glory, while your techs are tucked away in the back, usually left out of positive customer reviews. Even if customers do positively review your service department as a whole, they rarely mention your techs by name, because they have no direct contact with them. Especially for warranty work or recalls, your techs might be doing excellent work, but no one will give them a second thought.
This is crucial for two reasons. First, because recognition is important for morale and directly affects production. Yes, everyone needs a high-five when they’re doing a good job, even stoic, pragmatic service techs. A 2012 study by Deloitte found that companies with a strong approach to employee recognition are
12 times
more likely to see a strong business result. Second, because recognition makes its way back to management, and helps inform you about who your star performers are.
Gamification allows techs to quickly and easily recognize their coworkers for great service, quick turnarounds, or clever diags. An environment of recognition can transform your shop from a place of robotic, rote work into a place of positivity, community, and productivity.
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With a constant barrage of training modules, new model certifications, industry certifications, and technical service bulletins, it’s clear that you don’t need your techs to get “caught up” on their training. You need techs who will build a
of constantly learning.
Gamification can be the catalyst for that lifestyle. Depending on your pay model, your techs probably don’t make any money for completing their training modules. They won’t see any direct benefit to training unless it informs their current job, or jobs they know are coming up. But when you begin to incentivize training through gamification, your techs will gladly run through the training.
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Soon that eagerness to train will become a habit, which translates to a shop full of 100% certified techs, likely a goal you already have. And setting up the game is easy. Simply assign set point values for every training module— fewer points for simple programs, more for larger certifications, and reward points earned with real perks.
Performance Tracking
Gamification for employees means fun, engagement, and the excitement of earning real rewards through hard work. Management gets all this
the added bonus of actual performance metrics, quickly and easily organized into a report on which techs are achieving their goals and which ones need further motivation.
Modern gamification allows you an eagle-eye view of your team’s engagement. You can talk with each tech, service writer, or service manager about his or her individual goals, then set up games to help them work toward those goals. Sure, you’d love to meet with each employee every day to discuss how things are going, but there just isn't time. Gamification allows you to gather that data via smartphone.
At Arcade, our goal is to provide every workplace with a fun, customizable gamification platform that engages every worker toward greater productivity and more efficient work. Our cutting-edge program includes avenues for recognition, training rewards, goal setting, social networking, and so much more, all via smartphone. Learn how your service department can benefit from our tailor-fit solutions today.
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Tim Lage
Tim is part of the Growth team at Arcade.