Peter Took His Entire Family to Disney With Arcade Rewards
Alison Zook
Feb 5, 2019
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Hi there!
It’s Alison here—VP of Customer Success at Arcade.
With 2019 already in full swing, I wanted to take a moment to update you on our progress toward Arcade’s ambitious goal: to create
one million happy workers
Last year was huge for us. Our team grew from 8 to 16 people and we increased our customers by over 200%.
We couldn’t have done it without people like you: people who believe that
everyone has the potential to be happy and fulfilled at work
To celebrate, I wanted to share a story with you that shows what’s possible when work becomes fun and meaningful again...
Presenting Arcade’s 2018 ‘User of the Year’
Peter Garris
Peter Took His Entire Family to Disney Using Arcade Rewards.
Photo of Peter's family at Disney
The Garris family enjoy a trip to Disney with Arcade.
Peter Garris is the Regional Manager of Fine Designs, an event apparel retailer. Fine Designs uses Arcade to keep their teams connected and having fun together at work, and to reward Event Leaders like Peter.
When he’s not earning rewards at work, Peter and his family love all things Disney. In fact, a trip to Disney is the highlight of the year for the Garris family.
Fine Designs frequently rewards Peter and other members of their Event Leader Team with Arcade tokens for exceeding expectations when selling custom apparel at events—something Peter is very good at! So good that Peter was able to accumulate over $1,000 worth of Arcade tokens.
While using Arcade, Peter discovered that he could use the tokens he’d earned to purchase Disney gift cards. That’s when he decided to use his Arcade rewards to help take the Garris family to their favorite place in the world… Disney! Over time, Peter was able to add over $1,000 worth of Disney gift cards to the Garris family’s Disney vacation plan.
“This was our first time ever visiting Disney during the Christmas season. We had an amazing time and we can’t wait to go back again,” Peter says. Peter has already started saving his Arcade tokens for the family’s next Disney trip.
We love this story because we believe that every employee can be like Peter. When employees are passionate about the rewards on offer, there’s no limit to what they can achieve at work.
For Peter, every apparel sale moves him and his family closer to their dream vacation. What could be more motivating?
We’d like to congratulate Peter for being our
Arcade User of the Year for 2018!
Peter has been awarded 5,000 tokens to go toward his family’s next trip to Disney, courtesy of the Arcade team.
If your employees are lacking a strong sense of purpose at work, consider trying Arcade. We help motivate employees with personalized rewards that mean the world to them.
Until next time,
Alison Zook
VP of Customer Success

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Alison Zook
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