We Asked Employees - What Makes You Feel Appreciated?
Eddy Lim
Nov 6, 2018
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Talent retention is key to organizational success. Here at Arcade, we’re committed to making your employees feel rewarded, satisfied, and most importantly, appreciated. We took the time to speak to staff from multiple industries to find out what makes them feel recognized.
1. Recognition develops purpose
According to , a book by business experts Doug Jensen, Tom McMullen and Mel Stark, recognition in the workplace may be the most meaningful reward of all. Recognizing and affirming the efforts and achievements of your employees lets them know that they’re appreciated and generates purpose for their work.
Kenneth Han: Device Proposition Specialist at Telstra
“I feel appreciated when people advocate for me. Sometimes people don't really know how much they're worth to others. When people advocate for me on their own accord, I know they appreciate me for what I'm capable of."
An organization’s staff members are undoubtedly its best advantage. Business models, products and strategies can be readily copied by others, but intrinsically motivated staff are impossible to replicate. Intrinsically motivated individuals have been proven to be more engaged with their work and have a firm understanding of how their job nurtures and strengthens their passions in life.
2. Candid and detailed feedback is key
Giving feedback is a crucial component in making sure your employees are in touch with your company’s goals. It gives them insight into both their professional and personal growth.
In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, 72% of respondents thought their performance would improve when given corrective feedback. The study showed a 3-to-1 margin of employees who preferred constructive feedback over praise. This corresponded with our results, where most of our interviewees desired more constructive feedback from their employers.
Shantanu Joshi: Legal Clerk at Corrs Chambers Westgarth
“Feedback is extremely important for me, especially constructive feedback. Receiving constructive feedback means that I know my mentors at work are actually invested in my development. This allows me to grow and get better at my job.”
Feedback is a critical part of employee’s growth. They
feedback, and when delivered in the right method, it benefits not only the employee, but you as the employer.
3. Rewards and incentives provide motivation
Setting and completing goals is one of Arcade’s founding pillars. Utilizing the rush of completing a goal can be a powerful tool in directing workflow. Most importantly, rewards
create rapport
between employer and employee. It gives employees the motivation to keep performing at their best.
Dion Harris: Apprentice Electrician at AppleSec
“Verbal recognition and incentives make me feel appreciated at work. Anyone can say words, but when my boss backs it up with a reward or incentive, you feel far more appreciated.”
Rewards and incentives were another popular response amongst our interviewees. No matter the degree - from a cash bonus to a simple coffee or lunch - any token of appreciation from employers was fondly looked upon.
Rewards are one of the ways gamification can actively transform your workplace. A survey by TalentLMS has shown that factoring in healthy competition and rewards increases employee engagement, productivity, and workplace happiness.
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4. Know your employees well
One resounding comment from almost all our interviewees was the importance of a friendly relationship with their employer. Satisfied and appreciated employees felt like their employers were genuinely interested in knowing what makes them tick, including their gripes and concerns about the workplace.
Gabriella Payne: Bartender at 'Whisky & Alement'
“Feeling like a valuable team member at work is so important. My bosses really make the effort to connect with each and every employee. Knowing that I can turn to them with any problem and that they will always support me really gives me a sense of appreciation."
Communication is a two-way street, and knowing your employees well can only help in that department. Understanding and responding to your employees’ needs demonstrates trust and respect, and leads to a healthy relationship.
Putting it all together
Recognize the achievements and efforts of your staff.
Affirming the work of your staff lets them know you care. Recognition generates purpose for staff.
Provide plenty of detailed, corrective and candid feedback.
Corrective feedback is a shortcut to boosting staff performance and benefits both employee and employer.
Reward and incentivize accordingly.
Goals can be a powerful tool in directing workflow while rewards create rapport between employer and employee.
Know your employees well.
A healthy work relationship increases productivity because an organization's best assets are its team members.
The employees we surveyed believed they had a real purpose at work. Their positions demonstrated values that appealed to their professional and personal growth. Workplace happiness leads to increased productivity and efficiency amongst employees - and at Arcade, we're here to make that happen.
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Eddy Lim
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